7 Cloud-Hosted Best Client Portal Software For Creative Agencies

Are you a creative agency or a solo creative freelancer who struggles with invoices, billing, deliverables, and more? Don’t worry. Try these client portals that I will list today in this article and make your life as a freelancer heavenly.

What’s A Client Portal?

A Client Portal is a secure platform that allows customers to access their account information, view current and past invoices, communicate with staff members, and perform other activities related to their accounts. It is an important tool for you as an agency or solo freelancer to manage all your clients and streamline the operations, messages, billing, and deliverables, etc.

Most client portals allow users to sign up before accessing the portal. Once signed up, the clients can access the portal and manage all their requests, digital deliverables, private links, manage subscriptions, and more all within the client portal dashboard.

Client Portals also enable customers to easily update their personal information such as address or credit card details without having to contact the company directly. In addition, these portals can be used to send notifications about upcoming payments or changes in customer service policies.

All in all, Client Portal Software provides businesses with an efficient way of managing customer relationships and improving customer satisfaction.

What Are the Benefits Of A Client Portal?

Client portals can offer a range of benefits for businesses and their clients.

By providing an online platform for customers to access their documents, it not only provides convenience but also improves the security of sensitive information. Client portals are also great for streamlining communication between companies and their clients, as they provide a secure and efficient way of sharing data and documents.

Furthermore, client portals allow businesses to track customer activity which can be beneficial when determining how well certain services or products are performing. Finally, client portals provide an easy way to store historical records which can help improve customer service and ensure that customers always have access to the information they need. Overall, client portals offer numerous benefits that can make any business more efficient and successful.

With the client portal, you get these benefits.

  • You can invite more team members to deliver the services faster.
  • Provide deliverables after they pay and securely share them.
  • Ask clients to fill out forms after payment.
  • Track invoices and send payment reminders.

These are some of the benefits we have discussed. Now, Let’s check out what should a Client Portal include.

What Should A Client Portal Include?

Let’s check some of the features a client portal should include.

1. Brand Customization

It’s a feature that allows businesses to customize their clients’ portals with their own company branding. This can include adding logos, changing colors and fonts, and even customizing the layout of the portal.

Businesses benefit from this feature by creating a more professional-looking interface for their clients which can help build trust and loyalty. Additionally, brand customization also increases brand recognition, as customers will be more likely to recognize the company logo when they log into the portal. By leveraging these features, businesses can create customized client portals that reflect their identity and make it easier for customers to navigate the system.

2. Billing & invoices

It enables an agency or business to easily send invoices, keep track of payments and send reminders to customers when payment is due. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their finances by providing an efficient way to process payments from customers. With this system, businesses can also generate reports that provide valuable insights into their finances, helping them make better decisions and improve their bottom line. Additionally, the Client Portal also allows businesses to analyze customer data in order to target marketing campaigns more effectively and increase customer retention rates.

3. Messaging & Collaborations

It enables clients to communicate with each other, as well as collaborate on projects, manage tasks, and share files. By incorporating messaging and collaboration into the client portal, businesses can increase efficiency by streamlining communication between team members and clients. Additionally, it allows easy access to important documents, allowing clients to quickly find what they need without having to search through multiple sources of information. It also improves customer satisfaction by making sure that all requests are responded to in a timely manner, leading to increased loyalty from customers.

4. Secure File Delivery

It’s a great way to ensure that the data being shared between clients and organizations is kept safe and secure. It allows organizations to send, receive, and manage files within a secure environment, reducing the risk of data being stolen or compromised. Secure file delivery also ensures that all files sent are encrypted, allowing only authorized users access to the data.

Additionally, it provides an auditable trail of who has accessed a file and when – ensuring compliance with any applicable regulations. With secure file delivery in client portals, organizations can rest easy knowing their data is safe and sound.

5. Productized Service Options

It’s a great way to streamline service delivery and ensure customer satisfaction. Productized offerings allow clients to select from a range of pre-defined services, enabling them to get the exact outcome they need without having to navigate complex contracts or lengthy negotiation sessions.

This makes it easy for clients to access the exact service they require with minimal effort, allowing them to move on quickly and efficiently. Additionally, when productized services are made available through a client portal, customers no longer have to wait for a representative to become available or reach out over the phone. Instead, they can access these services anytime, day or night, and get the help they need quickly and conveniently.

7 Best Client Portal Platforms

We have listed 7 of the best client portal platforms. Let’s see them one by one,

1. Kitchen Co

Kitchen.co is a powerful project management tool for agencies and clients. It has everything you need to manage clients in one place and is trusted by many agencies including HTML Burger, Graphic Mama, etc.

Currently, it’s my no.1 best client portal software. I personally use it for my agency as well. They have amazing customer support, I asked a question and got a reply within 15 mins.

🤩 Kitchen.co Pros: This software has too many features and pros (probably the most overloaded client portal currently) some of which I will discuss below, 👇

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for communications – feels just like email software.
  • Provides a login page for clients and users.
  • Ability to give roles to the users.
  • Integration with Zapier to automate tasks.
  • Integration with accounting tools like FreeAgent, QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero.
  • Integration with payment gateways like Razorpay, Paypal, Stripe, Stripe ACH, Square, and 2Checkout.
  • Custom SMTP (Amazon SES, Mailgun, etc), Email Forwards.
  • Ability to use File Cloud Storage platforms to store files and give to clients – OneDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive.
  • File Delivery Paywall – Ability to give clients files behind a paywall. Once they pay then they get access to the files.
  • Ability to use Gravity forms on WordPress or in-built forms for Quotes. Once they submit the form with their requirements – then you can contact them and discuss the project.
  • Cool-looking invoices which you can customize & a lot more.

😞 Kitchen.co Cons: They don’t have many cons in general. Very good software overall but still I found some cons below. 👇

  • Clients don’t have the ability to create an account. (I did request this feature, it seems like they will include it in future updates!)
  • Productized Services are not available currently.

Kitchen.co Best Features: They have over 100+ features that you can explore here but these are some of the best features I love. 👇

  • Payment Gateway Options – They provide 6 payment gateway support at the time of writing this. (RazorPay, Paypal, Stripe, Stripe ACH, Square, 2Checkout)
  • Deliverable Files – The ability to give clients files and lock them behind a paywall before they can access them is a unique feature that I have not found in other client portal platforms.

💸 Kitchen.co Pricing: Kitchen.co pricing starts with a FREE plan (that’s the best part). They are very generous with the free plan. The pricing goes up to 9.99$ per month for Agency Plan and 24.99$ per month for the Ultimate Plan. I will share the pricing table of Kitchen.co so you check out what each plan provides.

2. Zendo

It’s a cloud-based client portal. Zendo gives you one organized space to work with your clients and sell services. Getzendo.io has productized services option which allows you to make a seamless sales process that will impress your clients. 

With productized service option, you can create a one-time payment option, create addons for upselling opportunities, and more. You can even create an order page that you make you look professional.

Check out the features, pros, and cons below.

🤩 Getzendo.io Pros: This software has many features and pros some of which I will discuss below, 👇

  • Best user-friendly interface for communications!
  • Provides a login and sign-up page for clients and users.
  • Ability to give roles to the users.
  • List, Kanban, and Table view.
  • Custom Requests.
  • Stripe payment integration.
  • Custom Domain.
  • Create and manage your status.

😞 Getzendo.io Cons: They have some cons but overall Looks the best out of all the software I listed in this article. Some cons below, 👇

  • No recurring services option (Coming Soon)
  • Zapier Integration (Coming Soon)
  • Paypal Integration.

Getzendo.io Best Features: They have over 100+ features that you can explore here but these are some of the best features I love. 👇

  • Productized services platform at a good cost.
  • Create order pages.

💸 Getzendo.io Pricing: Pricing starts with a FREE plan (The best part). They are very generous with the free plan with 2 team members. The pricing goes up to 23$ per month for Growth Plan (with up to 100 team members but they charge for each team member) and If you make it yearly it will be 19$ per month, which will be 228$ per year. I will share the pricing table of Getzendo.io so you check out what the plan provides.

3. Project Co

Project.co is a project management tool that is easy to use and minimalistic. It’s made by Matt Byrom, who also founded a video marketing agency called Wyzowl. If you are also running a creative agency, Project.co is a perfect client portal for you.

With Project.co, you can create hubs (which act as a project). It’s very similar to SuperOkay. You can brand each project, invite the members, etc.

Let’s check out their Pros, Cons, & Features.

🤩 Project.co Pros: This software has many features and pros some of which I will discuss below, 👇

  • Best user-friendly interface for communications!
  • Provides a login and sign-up page for clients and users.
  • Ability to give roles to the users.
  • List, Kanban, and Table view.
  • Custom Requests.
  • Stripe payment integration.
  • Custom Domain.
  • Create and manage your status.

😞 Project.co Cons: Good software overall but still I found some cons below. 👇

  • Needs more payment gateways like Razorpay, etc.

Project.co Best Features: These are some of the best features I love. 👇

  • Embed tools like frame.io, etc. These tools help the client to check the video and comment on the mistakes, point out the changes, etc.
  • Stripe and Paypal are both integrated.
  • More creators at Free plan.
  • Most affordable plans compared to other platforms on this article.

💸 Project.co Pricing: Pricing starts with a FREE plan. Amazing free plan which includes all the features (no time limits and no feature that is locked).

The 2nd plan is Team Plan which is 10$ per month / per creator and If you make it yearly it will be 8$ per month, which will be 96$ per year.

They also have an Agency Plan which is 14$ per month / per creator and if you make it yearly it will be 12$ per month / per creator, which will be 144$ per year. The agency plan has some cool features included like custom branding, email branding, and a custom domain.

I will share the pricing table of Project.co so you check out what the plan provides.

4. SuperOkay

SuperOkay offers an easy-to-use tool that enables you to start building a client portal in minutes. Although, the software is still in its infancy.

Clients can use SuperOkay’s dashboard to quickly access need-to-know info and address pressing tasks and other issues. Client documents and related tasks are just as accessible, as your company’s knowledge base and other customer-facing resources.

SuperOkay lets teams create “reusable blocks” of content to inject key information and resources into new and existing documentation with ease. 

🤩 SuperOkay Pros: Good client portal, still in its infancy but some of the good features, and pros are below. 👇

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface for immediate adoption
  • Workflow templates streamline client engagements and internal efforts
  • Per-client customization enables personalized self-service and hands-on support
  • Custom Domain, Email Domain, White Label (starts at Solo+ plan)
  • Ability to create beautiful responsive docs and send them to client
  • Ability to connect and embed Google Drive, Microboards, Figma Prototype, Airtable, Loom, YouTube, Canva, etc
  • Integrate with chat widgets, custom code, etc
  • Cool onboarding portals

😞 SuperOkay Cons: There are many cons, which I found below. 👇

  • Permission and restriction options lacking
  • Additional integrations could further streamline internal processes
  • No free plan
  • No integration with Zapier, Pabbly, etc
  • No in-built payment gateway integration yet and have to manually approve payments. (Payment gateways coming soon but seems like starting will be with stripe)

💸 SuperOkay Pricing

SuperOkay plans start at $25/month (Solo), $79/month (Solo+), and go all the way up to $149/month (Business).

5. Mission X

6. Cubicl

7. SuiteDash

Wrapping Up

Share with your friends and leave a comment if you have any questions regarding any of this software and we will do our best to answer them for you.