Best NFT Marketplaces You Need To Know (2023)

The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is taking the world by storm and it’s the most trending topic on the internet right now. Open your social media and you will find some form of artwork as their profile photo or people that share their NFT artwork everywhere. Even big companies that have nothing to do with it have started an NFT collection.

Let’s take the example of “Pepsi”. They recently released “Mic Drop”, an NFT collection that has a microphone as the character and different styles for each of their NFT.

Now, you may be wondering what is an NFT and how I can create one for myself?

You might have seen those collections of 10k NFT and are confused about how that works. Don’t worry. I will explain what it is and how you can create 10K NFT collections using a simple website. Keep reading!

What is an NFT?

An NFT is short for “Non-Fungible Token”.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. The term went over my head as well when I read it the first time, actually, it’s pretty simple. Let me explain. The “Non-fungible” part of the term means that it’s a unique unit of data that can’t be replaced with anything else at all.

One example you can take for “Non-fungible” is trading cards. Let’s say you trade a card with your friend, you will end up with a new card and not the same as you had before. Your friend will get the one you had.

Most of these NFTs are a part of the Ethereum blockchain or Polygon as seen on the website. The NFT could be anything (for example an AI, Music, and Artwork).

How to create those 10K Collections?

While I was searching for how to do it myself. I found out that it’s generated using lines of code.

It’s very straightforward coding that you can learn how to do over here. If you don’t want to waste your time on coding and you are an artist like me. There is another solution.

The solution is Yes, and it’s a free service (free if you use Polygon instead of Ethereum) that helps you get that huge collection of 10K NFT and also helps you to post those automatically on the website.

Now that you know how to mint those large collections. Go ahead and create those amazing collections in no time and of course, you need to know what you have to sell. If it’s artwork, you need some form of drawing experience or you could hire a freelancer on Fiverr to create them for you. Easy-peasy.

NFT marketplaces where you can sell?

Finally, these are the 5 Best NFT Marketplaces where you can sell your own artwork, photo, animation, etc as NFT and make money online.

1. Binance

Binance NFT marketplace is a platform where you can create, buy and sell these NFT collections. This platform was launched in June 2021. The platform is drifting more towards the gaming side like offering in-game items for NFT.

You can sell all sorts of NFTs here including digital items, animation, gaming items, and real-world objects. It supports the Binance token and Ethereum blockchain.

Binance marketplace supports wallets including Metamask, Binance chain, Trust Wallet, Mathwallet & more. You can read the full list of it here.

Know more about Binance by clicking the button below.

2. Opensea

Opensea marketplace is the one that started it all. It’s the famous one. On this platform, you will find all sorts of NFTs again (digital items, artwork, music, etc).

The main currency supports is ETH (Ethereum). There are two blockchains on this platform one is Polygon and the other is Ethereum. It supports ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens.

Opensea marketplace supports wallets including Metamask, Trustwallet, Coinbase Wallet, Walletconnect, & more. You can read the full list here.

Know more about Opensea by clicking the button below.

3. SuperRare

Super Rare is an NFT marketplace that focuses on rare and unique single-edition digital artworks. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network and tokenized as a crypto-collectible digital item that you can own and trade.

Know more about SuperRare by clicking the button below.

4. Axie Infinity

Axie Infintually an NFT-powered video game, It’s the unique one on the list. They have traded over 2.1 billion dollars on Dappradar, how cool is that?

Axie marketplace allows the players to buy and trade digital pets using the Metamask wallet. You can know more about Axie Infinity by clicking the button below.

5. Decentraland

Decentraland is a fully decentralized virtual world where you will be able to create and make money on things that you make and own. The marketplace allows you to create digital assets, wearables, estates, etc. You can buy and sell virtual lands in Decentraland and store them in Ethereum.

Decentraland is my favorite out of all of them because it’s a unique concept so far in NFT space and involves a virtual world just like the popular game called Second Life.

Know more about Decentraland by clicking the button below.

There are more marketplaces and sites on NFT out there but these are my list of the 5 best NFT marketplaces that I like. Don’t forget to comment if you like the article and share it with your friends.

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