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5 Creative Effects In After Effects You Need To Know

After Effects is the most popular motion graphics & VFX software for creators made by adobe, it may seem intimidating to learn the software but it’s actually very easy to master it. We have gathered a list of the 5 best creative effects in after-effects that you need to know. The list is updated as of 2022.

Let’s check these effects out one by one starting off with the awesome gradient effect.

1. Gradient Effect (4-Color Gradient)

Creative Dojo (4-Color Gradients Tutorial)

We are starting off with the gradient effect tutorial by Creative Dojo. As the name suggests, this effect will help you to create amazing gradients for your videos. This tutorial goes a little further than just slapping a “4-color gradient” on the scene. Do check it out!

2. Radio Waves Effect (Radio Wave CC)

MOBOX Graphics (Radio Waves CC Tutorial)

As the name says, this effect “Radio Wave CC” will help you get radio waves for your videos. This tutorial will help you go a little further with amazing tips like “how to make the wave turn into a rotating motion, tunnel-like motion, etc” and MOBOX Graphics creates the tutorial. It’s not complex for sure, you can easily learn it in 10 minutes.

3. Drop Shadow Effect (Drop Shadow)

Jake In Motion (Drop Shadow Tutorial)

It’s another fantastic effect that will help you get cool-looking shadows behind text or objects. This tutorial by Jake In Motion will help you learn this effect in under 2 mins.

4. Light Sweep Effect (CC Light Sweep)

Ross Mason (CC Light Sweep Tutorial)

You must have seen this effect on many commercials and logo animations. In this tutorial by Ross Mason, you will learn how to sweep the light across your logo, text, or any object.

5. Demon Eyes Effect (Motion Tracking & Some Effects)

Cinecom.net (Demon Eyes Tutorial)

Want to turn your eyes into demon eyes? This tutorial by Cinecom.net is perfect. You will learn multiple effects in this tutorial including adding multiple effects, motion tracking, & more. Do check it out and turn your eyes into demon eyes.

That’s it for the list of the 5 best creative effects that you can use in your videos for the after-effects software. So, open up the after-effects and start practicing these awesome effects right now. Got any questions about the effects we listed today, don’t worry comment below and I will do my best to help you out.

Also, share with your friends, so they know about these effects, this blog, and me, hehe!

We have also created the 5 best creative effects in premiere pro. If you are more inclined towards premiere pro then click here. Let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

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